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Inpatient Services

At Newman Regional Health, our practice of total patient care fosters a close rapport between our nurses, physicians, patients, and families, as well as other members of the healthcare team. Our highly-trained nurses communicate with our physicians and provide compassionate care to our patients. From a caring voice and an extra warm blanket, to a late night snack and a friendly smile, our nurses make the difference.

Inpatient services at Newman Regional Health include:


Newman Hospital's registered pharmacists dispense medications and counsel patients. Pharmacists routinely see patients upon admission to and dismissal from the hospital. If you have questions about your medications, please contact us at (620) 343-6800, ext. 1500.

Our pharmacists provide information to patients and caregivers about:

  • The name of your medicine
  • What the medicine is supposed to do
  • How and when to take the medicine
  • What to do if you miss a dose
  • Any possible side effects
  • What to do if side effects occur
  • Any interactions with food or other medications

Pharmacists also work with your doctor and the nurses to:

  • Provide the appropriate dose of your medications
  • Prevent duplication of medications
  • Monitor for side effects, allergic reactions, or interactions with other medications
  • Make changes in your medications when you are dismissed from the hospital

Outpatient Services

Newman Regional Health makes staying healthy for your whole life easy with convenient outpatient nursing services in Emporia, Kansas. From dialysis, infusion treatments, and wound care, to outpatient surgery and outpatient laboratory, our caring nurses work closely with our doctors to provide superior care. Call (620) 343-6800 to schedule an appointment for an outpatient service.

Outpatient services include:

Same-Day Surgery

At Newman Regional Health, patients having same day surgery and those having diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy, enjoy the close attention from the nursing staff.

The Same Day Surgery Unit is an area where patients stay for surgery or diagnostic procedures then go home that same day. It is conveniently located by registration, radiology, and surgery. Patients are admitted prior to their procedure and recover in private, quiet rooms. The restful environment allows the dedicated, experienced staff to provide individualized care for the patient and family. Post procedure phone calls made by the Same Day Surgery staff allow patients an opportunity to ask questions regarding their procedure.

Newman Regional Health's Outpatient Surgical Services include a wide array of elective and emergency services including:

Download Facts on Surgical Facilities and read about your right to choose where you have your surgery.

Primary Care and Specialty Providers

Newman Medical Partners are an extension of Newman Regional Health, covering a wide range of medical specialties for our patients in clinics throughout Emporia and Lyon County. Click the links to find a doctor, read about what they do, and contact them for an appointment.

Many of our providers also accept online appointment requests. Use our interactive and secure online form to request an appointment when you’re ready.

Primary Care

Specialty Care

Whether you are looking for a family physician, orthopedic surgeon, or the nearest emergency department, Newman Regional Health and Newman Medical Partners have you covered. Use our online search tool to find a doctor now!

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