Becoming a Mom® Free Prenatal Classes

Being pregnant and having a baby is a wonderful experience, yet it can be scary, too! Whether you are experiencing a pregnancy for the first time or the fourth time, each experience is different and can create new challenges and concerns. The more you can learn with each pregnancy, the better you will be able to care for yourself and your baby and the healthier you will both be.

That’s why Newman Regional Health is proud to offer a FREE group education class called Lyon County Becoming a Mom®.

Becoming a Mom® Program

The classes are held on six consecutive Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Newman Regional Health Conference Center.

  • Interact with other pregnant women
  • Share your experiences and concerns
  • Learn more about common pregnancy experiences
  • Learn more about labor and delivery
  • Learn how to be successful with breastfeeding
  • Learn how to calm your baby
  • Participants will receive a gift for attending each session
  • Attend all 6 sessions and earn a free Pack ‘N Play or other prize from the prize board
  • This program utilizes the March of Dimes Becoming a Mom®/Comenzado bien curriculum
  • Supported by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, March of Dimes and Capital Federal Foundation

Becoming a Mom® Class Location

Newman Regional Health Conference Center
1201 W 12th Ave,
Emporia, KS 66801

Becoming a Mom® Registration Form

Class Schedule 2024

CLASS A: January 2 - February 6, 2024
CLASS B: February 27 - April 2, 2024
CLASS C: April 23 - May 28, 2024
CLASS D: June 18 - July 23, 2024
CLASS E: August 13 - September 17, 2024
CLASS F: October 8 – November 12, 2024

Facebook Group

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Becoming a Mom® class topics

Session 1:
Prenatal Care: What to expect from your prenatal care – ask questions & get answers to all your concerns

Session 2:
Pregnancy Health: Learn how stress, certain foods, and many other things can affect your pregnancy

Session 3:
Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labor/Labor and Delivery: Why last weeks of pregnancy matter

Session 4:
Infant Feeding/Breastfeeding Basics: What to expect & how to overcome problems

Session 5:
Infant Care/Happiest Baby on the Block/Period of Purple Crying/SIDS Reduction

Session 6:
Postpartum Recovery / Interconception Health: Regaining health between pregnancies

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