Heart health can be improved with 7 simple steps

Newman Regional Health Medical Partners Cardiology encourages everyone to take a few steps to improve their heart health. Prevention is a key ingredient to a longer and healthier life. A good overall heart health plan reduces health care cost as you age and improves the quality of your life.

Life’s Simple 7® is defined by the American Heart Association as the 7 risk factors that people can improve through lifestyle changes to help achieve ideal cardiovascular health. You can get all of the information from the American Heart Association.

What are Life’s Simple 7®?

Any person can make these changes, the steps are inexpensive and even simple changes will make a big difference. Start with one or two and make plans to adopt the rest of the steps to your needs.

Manage Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Maintaining the proper blood pressure reduces strain on your heart, arteries, and kidneys.

Control Cholesterol – High cholesterol can clog arteries and lead to heart disease and stroke. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels provides your arteries with their best chance to remain clear.

Reduce Blood Sugar – High blood sugar is a very prevalent in Kansas. Type 2 Diabetes is a serious health issue but is controllable. Over time, high levels of blood sugar can damage your heart, kidneys, eyes and lead to other disorders.

Get Active – Daily physical activity increases your length and quality of life. Start with simple walks, light to moderate exercise, park further away and take stairs when you can. Small steps pay off big over time.

Eat Better – A heart-healthy diet is an excellent tool for fighting cardiovascular disease. There are several sources for delicious recipes featuring simple to find ingredients and local products.

Lose Weight – When you maintain a healthy weight you reduce the burden on your heart, lungs, blood vessels and skeleton. The benefits of a healthy body weight include more stamina, lower cholesterol, controlled blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Stop Smoking – Cigarette smoking can have a profoundly negative effect on your cardiovascular disease. It can cause constriction of your arteries, lung and breathing issues, problems with your eyes and cancer. If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do..

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