About Newman Regional Health

Newman Regional Health is a not-for-profit 25-bed critical access hospital, owned by the citizens of Lyon County Kansas, and for more than 100 years, our mission has been to continuously expand and add new healthcare services to meet the needs of our community. 

Partnering with our medical staff, we continue to exceed state and national goals for clinical excellence and patient safety.

Newman Regional Health has Kansas’s only PCI-accredited Cardiovascular Lab providing both emergent and non-emergent percutaneous coronary intervention procedures. 

Our 10-bed acute inpatient medical rehabilitation unit offers patients the opportunity to recover from serious illness, injury, or debility close to home, and includes a simulated living suite for occupational therapy. Our facility provides the only such program inside a critical access hospital in Kansas.

Our state-of-the-art, emergency room is a level 4 Trauma Center whose staff is dedicated to providing emergency triage within just a few minutes of entering the emergency room waiting area.

More than 70 specialty and primary care physicians and advanced practice providers work in our hospital and outpatient clinics to provide better access to a wider range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical services than any other critical access hospital in the state of Kansas. Newman Regional Health Medical Partners received Exemplary Provider™ status, TCT’s highest accreditation designation.

The Newman Regional Health Medical Partners Express Care clinic is open 12 hours each weekday and provides non-emergent care on weekends as well. Patients can make same-day appointments but walk-in visits are always welcome. In 2020, Newman Regional Health received the “Highest Achievement with Distinction” recognition for working toward AHA/HRET Network goals set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to reduce hospital-acquired conditions and preventable readmissions.

The Women’s Life Center, the hospital’s labor and delivery unit delivers more than 350 babies each year and has delivered more than 46,000 children since the hospital’s opening in 1922.

Newman Regional Health has been ranked among the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in America for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2023 and was recognized as one of the top 10 Hospitals in Kansas in 2018.

Financial Statement

View Newman Regional Health’s audited financial statement by clicking HERE

About Emporia

Located in the heart of the famous Bluestem Region, Emporia, Kansas is known as the Front Porch to the Flint Hills. Open prairie stretches for miles with its tall grass prairie and peaceful rolling hills.

As the official founding city of Veteran’s Day, Emporia is also home to the National Teachers Hall of Fame, Granada Theater, Emporia Arts Council, and William Allen White, nationally known writer and journalist. Emporia State University serves 6,500 students in nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Learn more about Emporia, KS

Newman Regional Health Main Entrance

Newman Regional Health serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income. For more information, please contact the Patient Accounts Department at (620) 343-6800, ext. 25114
Newman Regional Health todos los pacientes independientemente de su capacidad de pago. Los descuentos para servicios esenciales se ofrecen según el tamaño y los ingresos de lafamilia. Para obtener más información, comuníquese con el departmenti de Cuentas de pacientes a (620) 343-6800, ext. 25114

Patient Pricing Information

Understanding pricing and charges

Newman Regional Health understands that hospital pricing and charges can be complex and difficult to understand. With many different factors influencing pricing and charges, we are committed to providing patients and family members information to help understand hospital charges.
Federal law requires hospitals to charge the same amount for the same service or supply provided to each patient as a condition of participation in the federal Medicare program. What a patient owes for a hospital procedure or service can vary greatly, depending on health insurance coverage, eligibility for state or federal programs, and each individual’s own personal situation.

Newman Regional Health serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income. For more information, please contact the Patient Accounts Department at (620) 343-6800, ext. 25114
Newman Regional Health todos los pacientes independientemente de su capacidad de pago. Los descuentos para servicios esenciales se ofrecen según el tamaño y los ingresos de lafamilia. Para obtener más información, comuníquese con el departmenti de Cuentas de pacientes a (620) 343-6800, ext. 25114


How to get an estimate of out-of-pocket costs

Please note that this is an estimate of the charges for services listed. The Estimated Patient Payment is based on information from your insurance company and current pricing, Additional charges may apply if your physician changes the ordered services. This estimate does not include durable medical equipment, physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist or radiologist services. Those fees are billed separately by their respective billing agents and are not covered by any discount offer or estimate.

If you are unable to pay the Estimated Patient Payment, please do not cancel any service that your doctor has ordered or scheduled. Our Financial Counselors will assist you in evaluating payment options or applying for financial assistance.

A medical emergency is defined as a sudden and unexpected sickness or injury. In the absence of immediate medical attention, a reasonable person could believe this condition would result in death, placing one’s health in jeopardy, serious impairment of bodily functions, serious dysfunction of any body part or organ, serious jeopardy to the health of a fetus. If you believe you have a Medical Emergency, report to an Emergency Room immediately or call 911.

Financial Assistance, partial payments, uninsured

Newman Regional Health offers a Financial Assistance Program, which requires the patient to complete an application.  We also offer monthly payment options.  We encourage the patient or guarantor to contact our Patient Accounts department to discuss the best option for them.

Payment plans, please call (620) 343-6800, ext. 21153

Financial Assistance applications, please call 620-343-6800 ext. 25114
Please read through the application forms prior to calling.

Understanding out-of-pocket costs

  • The financial counselors at Newman Regional Health can help you estimate your healthcare costs that will take into consideration various discounts, deductibles, co-pays and other factors.  Estimating total expense is a complex task and may be required for different procedures, visits, tests, and treatments.
  • If you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or a private insurance plan they establish your cost-sharing obligations.
  • Your payer is the best source of information on what your individual cost will be for a given service.
  • If you wish for Newman Regional Health staff to help you estimate your out of pocket costs, please call 620-343-6800 extension 21153 and ask to speak with a financial counselor.
  • This process may need to be repeated, as the course of your care and the status of your deductible obligation may change during this process.

Patients with health insurance

  • Health insurance will pay for many of your health services, but not all of them.
  • Begin by contacting your insurance company to understand your insurance policy’s deductible, co-payment, coinsurance, and maximum out-of-pocket levels.
  • Double-check the network status, this will help you avoid out-of-network penalties.
  • Obtain pre-certification or referral approvals prior to your hospital service as some insurers require this to avoid your policy’s penalties and additional charges.
  • Insurance companies contract with hospitals to negotiate various discounts not reflected in the hospital charge list. If an insurance company is not in-network/contracted with Newman Regional Health, this will result in a higher out-of-pocket expense.

Patients with Medicare

  • Medicare will pay for many of your health services, but not all of them. Medicare does not pay hospitals based on charges, but instead pays according to pre-established rates depending on the services you receive. Your Medicare deductibles and coinsurance are also pre-established based on the services you receive.
  • If you have a Medicare supplemental insurance policy, it may pay all or a portion of your Medicare deductibles and coinsurance.
  • Special rules apply if you or your spouse has health insurance coverage through an employer.
  • Special rules also apply if you have coverage through a Medicare Managed Care plan.
  • Contact your Medicare Managed Care plan to understand your deductible, co-payment, coinsurance and maximum out-of-pocket levels.
  • To avoid out-of-network penalties, check to see if you are required to use hospitals that are in the Medicare Managed Care plan’s network.
  • You can contact Medicare at www.medicare.gov.

Patients with Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care plans

  • Medicaid will pay for many of your health services, but not all of them. Medicaid does not pay hospitals based on charges, but instead pays according to pre-established rates depending on the services you receive.
  • A few services have minimal pre-established co-pays that are your responsibility to pay. Co-pays will not apply if you are in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan.

About Standard Charges

  • Our hospital charge list is a snapshot of prices representing our best information at this time.
  • Some prices listed do change periodically throughout the year depending upon market conditions. These prices are determined at the time of service.
  • Because each person’s health needs are different, the average charges shown will depend on the individual’s specific situation. Each patient’s circumstances are different, and a patient’s charge will not necessarily be the same as the average charge.
  •  “Charge” is not the same as what you may owe. “Charge” is the amount billed for a service. A patient’s amount due is based on insurance coverage, copay, and co-insurance. To estimate what you may owe for services, click here
  • All professional charges (surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, and emergency room physician, etc.) are billed separately and are not included in the average charges shown.

Visiting Hours & Guidelines

NEWBORN VISITATION RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT for the Women’s Life Center: Siblings of the newborn under 12 will be permitted to visit after they have been screened by a nurse for symptoms of a cold or fever. Do not visit if you have fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, or have been exposed to someone with those symptoms within the past 7 days. Do not visit if you have received immunizations of MMR, Chicken Pox, TDaP or Shingles in the past 3 weeks. Always follow hand hygiene procedures using hand sanitizer or soap & water.

Patient Visitation_05/12/23 (Download PDF)

Newman Regional Health (NRH) promotes and supports a patient and family-centered approach to care.
The purpose of this policy is to define and set expectations regarding persons visiting hospitalized patients and to demonstrate our commitment to provide visitation in accordance with our nondiscrimination policy, which provides access without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, religion, marital status, citizenship, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and/or other legally protected classification. It also ensures that all visitors enjoy full and equal visitation privileges consistent with patient preferences.

Clear explanations should be provided to family members and visitors about what they can and can’t do to help the patient and where they can be within the nursing unit.
Guidelines for the participation of persons spending time with the patient should be flexible in order to respond to the diverse and changing needs and preferences of each patient and the hospital. Wherever possible, we recognize and honor patients’ wishes regarding visitation. Patients may need help in modifying the visiting schedule or expectations about time spent with family members and visitors.

Family or Family Member: The terms “family” or “family member” in all clinical policies at NRH are understood and interpreted to include any person(s) who plays a significant role in an individual’s socioemotional life. This may include a person(s) not legally related to the individual. Members of “family” may include spouses, domestic partners, and both different-sex and same-sex significant others. “Family” may include a minor patient’s parents, regardless of the gender of either parent. Solely for purposes of visitation policy, the concept of parenthood is to be liberally construed without limitation as encompassing biological parents, legal partners, and other persons operating in caretaker roles, consistent with applicable law.

Visitor: A “visitor” is defined as a guest of the patient. Family members are considered to be visitors as well.

1. The patient or the patient’s designated representative, in conjunction with the registered nurse (RN) and healthcare team, may make visitation limitations. Family and visitors will not be denied access to the patient without a legitimate reason, as determined by the hospital. Special considerations that determine the amount of time family and visitors spend with the patient include:
a. Clinical and emotional needs of the patient. Having family or visitors present must not put the patient at risk or bring the patient harm. Examples include patient exhaustion, overstimulation, or marked increase in agitation and/or the clinical and emotional needs of the patient.
b. Family members’ or visitors’ inability to meet hospital infection control policies.
c. The need to maintain a sterile environment during bedside procedures.
d. Limitations as requested by the patient or patient’s designated representative.
e. Space limitations in patient rooms. In the intensive care areas, the preferred number of family members at the bedside is no more than two at a time.
f. Patient, family, visitor, or employee safety issues.
g. Visitors or family members with prohibitive legal documentation, such as applicable restraining orders, will not be allowed to visit.
h. Entrance F (Patient Tower/Visitors Entrance) doors are scheduled to lock from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. During that time, everyone must enter through the Emergency Department entrance and security will screen all visitors and confirm the patient’s name of whom they are visiting. Security will then send the visitor to Registration who will call the floor to inform the nurses that a visitor is on their way up. If patient has opted out of the Facility Directory and the visitor does not have a room number, security will inform the visitor that we have no one here with that name. If the visitor does not know the patient’s full name, they will not be allowed through the locked doors.

2. To help patients recover and to not overly tire patients, visits should be brief, quiet and pleasant. The patient or patient’s designated representative, in conjunction with the registered nurse and
healthcare team, may make additional limitations for family and visitors, especially in the intensive care unit and women’s life care unit.

3. Children should always be accompanied by an adult other than the patient. Visits by children younger than 12 years of age should be coordinated with the patient’s registered nurse and the
patient or patient’s designated representative. Information and access should be developmentally appropriate. Children can only visit if they are able to comply with all isolation and/or infection control precautions.

There may be unique and extenuating circumstances (i.e., imminent death, impending surgery, etc.) that require compassionate exceptions to these guidelines. The registered nurse and the
health care team, using professional judgment and in collaboration with the patient or the patient’s designated representative, will consider the unique family circumstances and patient needs when applying these guidelines. In these circumstances, to the greatest extent feasible, family will be allowed brief visits.

4. Visitors are only allowed in patient areas and will not be allowed in working areas such as the Nursing Station, Pharmacy, Lab, Dietary, Laundry, Surgery or Central Supply. The only exception is for prearranged and approved tours provided by the hospital’s Education Department.

Family and Visitor Behavior:
1. Family and visitors are expected to abide by conduct supportive of the hospital environment. Family or visitors may be asked to leave the premises if they become disruptive or interfere with the general comfort and care of the patients, visitors, or staff. Hospital security will be notified to handle disruptive issues as needed.
2. Family or visitors may not possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs while on the hospital campus.
3. Family or visitors may not smoke while on the NRH campus. Family or visitors who wish to smoke while visiting may only do so off campus.

Special Considerations:
1. In special situations, an adult family member may spend the night with the patient if it contributes to the well-being of the patient. The family member must be able to safely stay alone and take care of their own needs.
2. Children may not remain overnight in a patient room.
3. Patients in police custody and/or correctional services custody will not be permitted to have visitors.
4. Behavioral Health – Please see Behavioral Health & Safety Precautions
5. In the event of a community-wide outbreak of illness, the hospital reserves the right to limit visitation in order to prevent the spread of illness.

Emergency Services/Clinical Decision Unit:
1. The length and frequency of visits will be at the discretion of the Nurse Manager/Charge Nurse after taking into account the patient’s condition.
2. All family members and visitors will be screened by security before can enter the Emergency Department and/or Clinical Decision Unit. See Safety Management Plan.
3. Every effort will be made to communicate patient information, condition, and location updates as appropriate as quickly as possible to the family and legal decision maker via the physician, nurse and/or social worker.

Surgical Services:
Family members may not observe procedures in the Surgery departments. The only exception is bringing family into a C-section. Family members may be allowed in PACU under the discretion of the OR Director or their designee. The patient has the right to refuse any observer.

Labor and Delivery:
Prior to delivery, the patient will be asked to identify her labor coach and/or coaches. During labor the patient may receive visitors, including siblings, for short periods. Coaches are asked to keep other family and friends that are waiting in the lobby informed of the patient’s progress.

In keeping with patient and family central care, the patient may wish to have more than their labor coach in the room at the time of delivery. Staff will endeavor to comply with patient wishes in nonemergent situations. Upon parental request siblings may attend delivery with prior approval by Physician. An adult other than the coach must be responsible for the children during the delivery.

During the cesarean section only one coach may accompany the patient into the surgery room. That one person may stay in the PACU with the mother and baby. After delivery it is advisable that the coach notifies family and friends waiting in the lobby of the birth and tells them an approximate time that they may see the new family.

If a patient’s condition is not stable, the attending physician or charge nurse may limit visitation. The patient’s significant other accompanied by a nurse, may carry the baby to the Labor & Delivery doorway to be viewed briefly by family and friends.

Postpartum Visitation:
When the mother and baby are in stable condition the parents may decide who they want to visit them during the hospital stay. Visitors must be free of communicable diseases or recent exposures. Children must be accompanied by an adult. If the mother does not want visitors a “No Visitors” sign will be provided and the nursing staff will screen visitors. Everyone having direct contact with the newborn must wash their hands thoroughly in the patient’s restroom with soap or use the alcohol-based foam.

A daily time from 2am-3am and 2pm-3pm is designated as quiet time. This allows for family bonding and rest. NRH staff including nursing, lab, CPS, medical records, and pharmacy is not to enter room except by patient request and in emergency.

Pediatric Visitation:
Parents of the pediatric patients are not considered visitors. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children as much as they feel is necessary.
Siblings and peer relationships are very important to the pediatric patient.
1. All children visiting must be free of signs or symptoms of infection.
2. Visitation may be restricted if the patient is in isolation.
3. Siblings are not to spend the night in the hospital. Exceptions may be considered for breast-feeding infants.
4. Visitation restrictions may become necessary at any time due to viral conditions on the unit or in the community, as imposed by the Infection Control Supervisor.
5. Siblings must remain in the patient’s room under parental supervision.
6. Children shall not be allowed to play unsupervised in the hall or other areas of the hospital and must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. All isolation precautions posted on the patient’s door will be followed by all persons entering the room.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit:
At Newman Regional Health we encourage visitors for our inpatient rehabilitation and swing bed patients as we value the importance of friends, family and pets (see Pet visitation/Pet Therapy Visits) in the recovery of those we serve. Procedure and rehabilitative therapy sessions are important components of our patients wellbeing and we appreciate visitation that promotes our patients to be able to attend therapy or procedures as scheduled. Delaying or changing scheduled therapy sessions or procedures for visitation is discouraged.

There are situations when patients benefit from their family members attending therapy sessions with them such as when preparing for home care. The health care team will help determine if that is beneficial. If visitors ask to attend, we will do our best to arrange a time.

Swing Bed Patients:
Swing bed patients have a right to receive visitors of his or her choosing at the time of his or her choosing, subject to the residents right to deny visitation when applicable and in a manner that does not impose on the rights of another patient.
1. The facility must provide immediate access to a resident by immediate family and other relatives of the resident, subject to the resident’s right to deny or withdraw consent at any time.
2. The facility must provide immediate access to a resident by others who are visiting with the consent of the resident subject to reasonable clinical and safety restriction and the residents’ right to deny or withdraw consent at any time.
3. At NRH we have only private rooms, however, Swing Bed patients also have the right to share a room with his or her spouse when married residents are at the same facility and both spouses consent to the arrangement.


Newman Regional Health Visitor’s Guide

Including floor plans and parking map.

Patient Information

Visitor Inquiries and Outside Phone Calls

When a patient is treated at Newman Regional Health they have the option of whether or not to be included in the Patient Directory as described by our Notice of Privacy Practices. (EnglishSpanish)

If a patient chooses to be included in the Patient Directory, their location (room number) may be provided if the patient is asked for by name. A patient can also receive telephone calls, mail, and deliveries.

A patient may choose to not be included in the Patient Directory. If this option is selected by the patient, mail, flowers, gifts, cards or deliveries will be refused.

Patient information is governed by Newman Regional Health’s Notice of Privacy Practices. (EnglishSpanish)


Privacy Practices

Patient Electronic Greeting Cards

You can send a free patient greeting card to a current inpatient.

Greeting cards are a convenient way of showing your support, staying in touch, and lifting spirits.

Fill out the form and we take care of the rest.

MyHealth Info App

Access your health information, test results, medications, appointments, reports and more

Newman Regional Health provides access to your patient records through the use of our patient portal – MyHealth Info and a smartphone app called MHealth. You can access the patient portal on the web and find more information on the MHealth App by clicking below.

smart phone apps

Non-English speaking patients

Newman Regional Health is proud to offer advanced Video Remote Interpreting from Propio Language Services, LLC.

Newman Regional Health has used over-the-phone interpreting in the past but recently introduced a new feature that allows physicians to pull the translator up on video, functioning as a closer, face-to-face conversation than the telephone allows. The service, and its companion phone app is more immediate than tracking down an interpreter and in the event of an emergency, the time saved may be vital.

The service provides Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for American Sign Language (ASL) and the most frequently-requested spoken languages including Spanish.

Interpretation services are provided at no cost to our patients.

Financial Assistance

Newman Regional Health offers a Financial Assistance Program, which requires the patient to complete an application.  We also offer monthly payment options.  We encourage the patient or guarantor to contact our Patient Accounts department to discuss the best option for them.

Payment plans, please call (620) 343-6800, ext. 21153

Financial Assistance applications, please call 620-343-6800 ext. 25114
Please read through the application forms prior to calling.

To view our hospital charge list or estimate out-of-pocket expenses, click here 

Authorization for Release of Information

Authorization to release your healthcare information to other individuals, companies or healthcare providers.

Newman Regional Health Visitor’s Guide

Our illustrative guide includes floor plans, major areas of the facility, and parking areas.

Download and print your own copy or pick one up at the Main Entrance or the Visitor’s Tower Entrance.

Visitors Guide

Send Patient Greetings

Newman Regional Health offers easy-to-send patient greeting cards for loved ones and friends to share words of support and encouragement to current inpatients. Even if you have already visited or sent a gift, greeting cards are another way of showing your support, staying in touch, and lifting spirits.

Complete the following form and our friendly staff will print and hand-deliver your message as quickly as possible during business hours Monday through Friday. Greeting card requests received on a weekend or holiday will be delivered to patients the next business day. Greeting cards will not be able to be delivered to patients that have been discharged/transferred and are no longer at Newman Regional Health.

Contents should not be considered confidential, and messages deemed inappropriate by Newman Regional Health will not be delivered.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact us.

Greeting Card

  • Both must be provided for delivery
  • In the event we need to contact you.
  • In the event we need to contact you.
  • 300 character limit

Newman Regional Health Volunteer Program

Newman Regional Health is grateful for the energetic individuals who make up our Volunteers. Founded in 1955, this group of men and women provides a variety of valuable services. Working beside our highly skilled hospital staff, these devoted volunteers donate their time and energy to make our patients’ stay as pleasant as possible. Their smiling faces greet visitors, all the while making everyone feel welcome.

The volunteer members help fund various programs

  • The contributions by the volunteers help raise funds for:
  • Equipment purchases
  • Facility improvement
  • Meeting support
  • Employee Comfort programs

Volunteer members provide many of the optional services for our patients’ convenience and comfort.

  • Staff our Gift Shoppe
  • Staff our Snack bar, baking goodies and making our famous Ham Salad!
  • Greet patients and visitors at our reception and information desks
  • Deliver mail and information to our staff

No matter your skillset, there is a place for you as a Newman Regional Health Volunteer member.

Current Officers:

Lynn Lang, President
Carol Reneau, Vice-President
Mary Tholen, Treasurer
Vickie Dinkel, Assistant-Treasurer
Mary McGaw, Secretary
Immediate Past President: Carolyn Hossfeld

Deborah Storrer
Volunteer Coordinator
1201 W. 12th Ave
Emporia, KS 66801


The Volunteer Scholarship Program

Scholarships are awarded to individuals who pursue an education in an area of healthcare including but not limited to, the areas of pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and applicable non-clinical healthcare fields. Learn More

Dining at Newman Regional Health

Newman Café

Newman Regional Health’s café is located near the east lobby. Our café offers food service for patients, family, visitors, and staff. A hot food line, as well as deli, soup, and salad bar are available Monday-Friday.

Adequate seating is available in the café for patients and visitors to dine together. Visitors are welcome to purchase food from the café and take their tray to a patient’s room. We are unable to include the price of café purchases on a patient’s bill.

Newman Café Hours

Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 10 AM
Lunch: Monday-Friday, 11 AM – 1:45 PM
Supper: Café is closed but Grab & Go Supper Boxes are available after 4 PM daily in the Sunflower Conference Room

Auxiliary Snack Bar Hours

Located just inside Entrance F/Patient Tower, near the Gift Shoppe
Monday – Friday, 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Things to enjoy in the snack bar:

Freshly baked donuts from a local bakery
Homemade cinnamon rolls
Daily homemade baked items including pie, cookies, cake, etc.
Famous ham salad sandwiches

All proceeds from the snack bar benefit Newman Regional Health services, equipment, and Auxiliary scholarship funds.

Newman Café
Newman Café
Newman Café

Gift Shoppe

We have many different ideas and gifts for your friend or loved one!

Baby Items

Handmade knitted/crocheted baby blankets, Halo® SleepSacks®, bubble gum cigars, soft plush animals, socks, and much more!

Stuffed Animals

A huge variety of stuffed animals with a unique inventory.


We offer assorted flower arrangements that can be ordered and delivered to patient rooms or others in the facility.

Other Items

Angels, Jewelry, Home decor, Snoozies, Legacy Greeting Cards, Seasonal gifts, Claey’s Old Fashioned Candy, Purses

All proceeds benefit Newman Regional Health services, equipment, and Auxiliary scholarship funds.

Gift Shoppe Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


The Gift Shoppe is located in the east lobby of Newman Regional Health. Enter through the Visitors / Patient Tower entrance (Entrance F).

Order a Gift by Phone

To order an item for delivery to a patient or employee, please call the Gift Shoppe at (620) 343-6800, ext. 21172. Our Gift Shoppe volunteers are happy to place your order with a credit card and deliver it for you. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


Newman Regional Health does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services, and activities, or in employment. In case of questions, please contact Director of Human Resources, (620) 343-6800, or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at (800) 842-0078.

All interpreters, translators, and other communication aids shall be provided without cost to the person being served, and patients/clients and their families will be informed of the availability of such assistance free of charge.

We work to promote healthy living and provide comprehensive care and services for each and every patient who walks through the door. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you enrich your life through high quality care and education.

Connect With Us

Newman Regional Health
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