Congratulations to our Fall 2022 DAISY Award® Winner!

Cheryl Ball, RN
Women’s Life Center

Cheryl’s Nomination Story.

Two nominations were submitted for Cheryl.  Both nominations spoke about Cheryl’s compassion and leadership.  One nomination went a step further and explained the inspiration that Cheryl passed on while performing her care, “Two years ago on the Fourth of July, I went into labor. Although I had a very smooth labor physically and medically, it was very hard emotionally. My mother accompanied me and stayed with me throughout my entire labor, but I couldn’t help but feel so unbelievably alone. Cheryl demonstrated tough love at the beginning. She knew I was strong. Once my feelings started to take over, Cheryl became my best friend that entire night. She was loyally by my side every second. She held my hand, hugged me, wiped my tears, stroked my hair, and talked me through one of the hardest and most painful moments in my life. I know I couldn’t have done it without her. Cheryl inspired me to become a nurse myself. Because of her, I will graduate as an LPN in December 2022. I hope I can grow to be as loving, dedicated, and compassionate as her.” 

Congratulations to all of our Fall 2022 DAISY Award® Nominees!

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 DAISY Award® Winner!

Cassie Hammond

Cassie Hammond, RN
Women’s Life Center

Cassie’s Nomination Story

“Cassie was my main nurse during the day when I was in labor (I had my son later that night). However, I just really appreciated her helpfulness, encouragement, and wisdom. Right away when she introduced herself to me she told me that she was going to be my advocate, in that we were going to try everything possible to have the labor go as I was hoping. She worked with me on certain positions to help my labor go more smoothly as well. She was always kind and answered my questions whenever I had them.”

Nominated by Julia Burt

A special thank you to Julia Burt who nominated our DAISY Honoree today. This award does not happen unless people take the time to submit a nomination story, and it means a great deal that you care enough for Cassie Hammond to do so.

Cassie Hammond’s spotlight on The DAISY Foundation (TM) website

Congratulations to all of our Spring 2022 DAISY Award® Nominees!

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