Diabetes Education Program

Diabetes education is an outpatient program for adults with diabetes or the parents of children with diabetes to learn to help manage the condition and make healthy choices. Since family support and involvement are important, a support person is encouraged to attend with the participant.

Diabetes Mellitus education provides education and guidance specifically tailored to the needs of each individual. Many insurance companies are now paying for diabetes education programs if ordered by a physician. To find out if you qualify, please contact your physician.

Our diabetes education addresses the following:

  • Blood glucose monitoring – We discuss the befits of testing blood glucose and set target goals
  • Diabetes disease process – We discuss and inform the patient about the physiology of diabetes
  • Healthy eating – We teach about how foods affect your blood sugar, label reading and meal planning
  • Physical activity – Activity and exercise can have a positive effect on blood glucose, we help plan for an active lifestyle
  • Medications – We help you understand the action of diabetes medications and safe use
  • Acute and chronic complications – We cover the effects of high/low blood sugar affecting nerves eyes, kidneys, heart, and feet
  • Psychosocial issues – We discuss and practice stress-reduction techniques
  • Health and behavior changes – We work with patients to create goals toward leading a healthier life

The Newman Regional Health diabetes education program maintains the American Diabetes Association Award of Education Recognition for quality diabetes patient education since December 1998. The diabetes education team consists of dedicated professionals who have an interest and additional education in diabetes management.

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