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What is Diabetes?

August 1, 2018

Did you know that diabetes is the most Googled health concern in Kansas? With so many people researching the disease, we thought we’d put together some facts about diabetes for your convenience.

Over 9% of the American population has diabetes. Due to the prevalence of the disease, it’s important for the public to educate themselves on the causes and health concerns around it.

What is Diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes, and they are very different diseases. Type 1 diabetes usually manifests during childhood, and only 5% of diabetics have this type. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin, which means that the body can’t use glucose properly. In type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, the body cannot use insulin properly (insulin resistance) which results in the pancreas over-producing it. Because the body cannot keep blood glucose at normal levels, the cells starve, and many type 2 diabetics can end up with eye, kidney, nerve, or heart problems as a result.

Symptoms of diabetes can include increased thirst, urination, and hunger, as well as weight loss, exhaustion, and mood swings. Pay attention to other physical symptoms like tingling feet or cuts and scrapes healing more slowly, as well. When your sugar levels are high, your body is less capable of healing and can sustain mild nerve damage.

Treating Diabetes

Regardless of which type of diabetes you have, it can be hard to balance your body’s needs. For type 1 diabetes, a combination of medication to administer insulin, exercise, and nutrition management can help you stay as healthy as possible. In many cases, type 2 diabetics can treat their diabetes with lifestyle changes such as fitness and nutrition management. However, some more extreme cases may require oral medication or even insulin to manage the disease. Both types of diabetics need to monitor blood glucose levels closely.

At Newman Regional Health in Emporia, KS, we’re dedicated to helping you live your healthiest life. If you have questions about diabetes, we’re happy to help! Visit our Diabetes Education information online to learn more about our service, call (620) 343-2376 to schedule an appointment with a Newman Regional Health Medical Partners Family Medicine provider, or call Newman Regional Health at (620) 343-6800 for our Diabetes Education service.

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