Newman Regional Health Recognizes Employees with 640+ Years of Service

March 2, 2020

On February 20, 2020, Newman Regional Health recognized a combined 640+ years of service with a celebration honoring approximately 55 employees. Each year, Newman Regional Health recognizes staff members that have been with the organization for a milestone number of years.

Tabatha Tafoya, Director of Human Resources, acknowledges this event as a vital piece of employee retention and recruitment. “Employees are celebrated for each incremental anniversary milestone they reach and each milestone represents five years of service. It’s important as an organization to recognize our hard working employees that contribute to the 40+ different departments we have. Not only are we recognizing them for the work they do every day, but we are bringing awareness to their dedication and their passion to the organization. Newman Regional Health is what it is today because of these individuals.”

Director of Business Development, McKenzie Cinelli, speaks on other benefits of the event. “Not only are we congratulating our employees during this time, but through this event, we are enabling our employees to become closer with one another. They get an opportunity to converse with so many from outside their own departments. It’s neat to see a large group like this come together to support and congratulate one another. There’s no doubt that it increases employee morale and creates excitement among all other staff.”

The Newman Regional Health STAR (Standards, Awards, and Recognitions) Committee is responsible for the planning of this event. McKenzie mentions that none of this would have been possible without that group and their commitment to the employees, organization, and work environment. “They have a passion for making Newman Regional Health a workplace of choice, for both current and prospective employees,” said Cinelli.

The following individuals reached their incremental milestone anniversary during the 2019 year:

5 Years
Jalene Turner
Tony Ponce
Elizabeth Headley
Jennifer Ray
Ilene Rogers
Christine Zumbrunn
Marcella Godfrey
Michelle Crump
Ruth Peraza
Dr. Anna LaSota
Robert Rodak
Julie Lockmiller
Stephanie Brooks
Dr. Ryan LaSota
Holly Swanson
Lori Ludlam
Damian O’Keefe
Sarah Combes
Robert Wright
Randy Clark
Emily Forbeck
Amy Olson
Elizabeth Chanley

10 Years
Amber Peak
Molly Tucker
Jacqueline Polston
Julia Pyle
Tyson Allen
Shirley Jones
Dr. Peter Seberger
Dr. Tim Harris
Shannon Standard
Renlee Ultreras
Jennifer Schubert
Helena Stormont

15 Years
Judy Dieker
Amanda Fischer
Bobby Johnson
Denee Mellies
Serena Bartlett
Donald Ast

20 Years
Judy Mahan
Linda Bartlett
Kenneth Frank
Becky Hardin
Richard Rust
Sarah Fager

25 Years
Elizabeth Cole
Margit Berry

30 Years
Judy Goza

35 Years
Sandy Brummett
Elizabeth Rangel
Grace Burnett


About Newman Regional Health: Newman Regional Health is a not-for-profit 25-bed Critical Access
Hospital owned by the citizens of Lyon County, Kansas. Recognized as a Level 4 Trauma Center,
Newman Regional Health provides inpatient acute and medical rehabilitation services along with a full
range of emergency and outpatient care to patients of all ages in Lyon County and surrounding areas in
East Central Kansas. Newman Regional Health offers 24/7 care with a newly renovated, state-of-the-art
19-bed emergency room and 10-bed Clinical Decision Unit. With a mission to improve health in the
community by providing high quality care and a vision to be a valued, trusted partner and regional
provider of exemplary services, Newman Regional Health receives recognition as a top Critical Access
Hospital each year.

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