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May 8, 2020 broadcast and summary

May 8, 2020


Surge = opening up additional beds and bringing on additional staff

  • April 6 – COVID unit was established
  • Have not exceeded our capacity
  • Highest number of inpatients at one time in the unit has been 7 earlier this week
  • COVID unit has a capacity of 8
  • Average between 2-6 COVID inpatients since April 6

Lyon County’s younger population has contributed to not seeing a surge in the hospital.  Even when taking into consideration the hot spots, it has impacted a population where most are below the age of 55.  With this virus, we are seeing that those 65 years of age and older are the ones that show a need for medical care to be manageable.

It is possible that Lyon County is seeing more of the West Coast strain, which is showing to not be as deadly in comparison to the East Coast strain.

Population density is contributable when comparing what we are experiencing with what places like New York and other cities have experienced with COVID.

COVID Volumes:

  • # of inpatients currently in COVID unit – 3
  • Cumulative # of COVID admissions – 23
  • Respiratory Clinic # – Monday thru Thursday of this week = 21 patients
  • Drive Thru # – Monday thru Wednesday of this week = 50
  • Total tests administered by Newman Regional Health – 697 as of May 6

Hospital volumes

  • Well visits have increased since opening those back up last week in the outpatient clinics; well visits in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon. Well visits = follow up visits, well child exams, pre-surgical check, annual physicals, etc.  Sick visits = stomach pain, sore throat, congestion, etc.
  • At one point, outpatient clinic volumes dropped significantly to a point where we saw approx. 23 patients in a week compared to our pre-COVID norm of 120 per week. Currently, we are at about 50% seeing 60-70 patients each week.
  • As outpatient volumes begin to increase, please remember to keep masks on at all times and maintain 6’ distance from others while in waiting rooms and common areas.


  • All COVID tests require a physician’s order. Walk-in tests are prohibited.
  • For all visits, it is highly recommended and encouraged to call first so that a verbal health screening can be completed over the phone. Exceptions include urgent and life-threatening medical needs.
  • When signs and symptoms are that of COVID, the provider schedules them for the drive through testing site.
  • Depending on condition of the patient, they may be scheduled with the Respiratory Clinic.
  • Rapid testing is limited to specific criteria based on KDHE guidelines and is only available through Public Health.
  • Approximate turnaround time for test results is 24-48 hours whether it be through the state laboratory or Quest laboratory.
  • Public Health is notifying patients of positive test results. Due to volume, negative test results will not be communicated back to the patient.  Patient is advised to contact their PCP.

COVID-19 is a virus in the SARS family – it’s a mutation of the SARS virus that went around approx. 7-10 years ago.  COVID-19 has a much higher rate of spread than the original SARS virus that we previously had experienced.  Common cold and other respiratory illnesses is another type of coronavirus that we are used to.

Current antibody tests verify whether or not a patient had coronavirus, but is not specific to COVID-19.  New antibody tests will be specific to COVID-19, but it’s not known what that release date is.

PPE update

  • Staff working in the COVID unit utilize PAPRs (powered air purifying respirators) for all patient encounters.

PUI = persons under investigation; have not received a confirmed positive test result but are showing the signs and symptoms of COVID.  PUI patients are in a med/surg room on the 3rd floor of the hospital identified as an isolation room.  If test results confirm a positive, the patient is relocated to cohort in the COVID unit.

Patients are discharged when there is no longer a medical need to remain hospitalized.

No patients that have been admitted to Newman Regional Health have required a ventilator.  The longest COVID inpatient stay has been 14 days.

Statistically, patients that require ventilation average a 20-25% death rate.

Screening tests

  • Prior to discharge, nursing home and long term care facility patients will undergo a screening COVID-19 test to confirm negative results before returning to the facility
  • Prior to elective surgeries and procedures, patients will be asked to undergo a screening COVID-19 test 72 hours prior and self-isolate until their procedure date

Re-establishment of services

  • Effective Monday, May 4, Newman Regional Health has opened up elective surgical procedures dependent on PPE and bed availability. Elective procedures have started to be scheduled and are currently booked through mid-May.

2020 Denim & Diamonds cancellation; re-evaluation to have some of the pre-events like the Cornhole Tournament, Kick Off BBQ, etc. as we move through the re-opening phases and begin looking at some level of community normalcy

Newman Regional Health is appreciative to all of the community businesses that have thought of our organization during this time and although we are not able to celebrate some of our largest recognition weeks like Nurses Week and Hospital Week, it is because of the generosity from our community that we know we are top of mind and are truly grateful.

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