Friday, April 3 Community Briefing

April 16, 2020


2 positive inpatients; 2 PUI inpatientsTo date, have been able to successfully transfer positive inpatients to Topeka (Stormont Vail Health) with severe respiratory conditions.  Conversations have started with Wichita facilities regarding transfer capabilities.

Surge plan discussion

  • Revisit hospital capacity – capability to handle up to 50 inpatients with current staffing
  • Number of ventilators / negative pressure rooms – capability to have 13 ventilators (including anesthesia machines); not all anesthesia machines will be able to be designated as ventilators in case of emergent surgeries/procedures needed
  • Anesthesia group will help to supervise anesthesia machines/ventilators (CRNAs)
  • Location of COVID-19 patient rooms – old ICU unit on 3rd floor; can house 8 patients
  • Staffing for ventilator patients – 2 to 3 patients to 1 ICU nurse
  • Utilization of extra staff (i.e. retired) – creation of our own internal labor pool to help manage additional beds. Helps with education/training to use our own staff that are familiar with our electronic health record system.  A community provider list is available to use, as necessary.  1 provider to 5 patients
  • Nursing staffing plan – clinic staff will remain assigned with in-office and telemedicine visits; nurse aides and LPNs from the clinic setting will be added to the labor pool and trained as necessary to provide supporting care for hospitalized patients; labor pool has been initiated to help with the reallocation of staff, as needed
  • Opening of old ICU unit on 3rd floor – anticipated open date of 4/3/20

Approximately 150-160 employees have been fit tested for their N95 face mask

Growth of Respiratory Clinic – average of 8-12 patients a day.  Increased to 2 advanced practice providers and an additional 4 exam rooms.  The additional exam rooms are the fast track rooms in the ER.  This is specifically for patients experiencing respiratory symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 and patients are scheduled from their provider’s office when they call ahead.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) – All patient care areas.  All the time.  Staff have been directed to wear procedure masks at all times when caring for patients and goggles when in close contact with a patient.  Masks are issued to employees daily at a par level within their department, effective April 2.  We will be deploying PPE spotters that will be available on nursing units to help ensure staff are effectively wearing their PPE correctly.

Allocation and allotment of procedure masks = 4,000/month

Use of a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) when caring for a PUI and/or positive patient.

Thank you to community members and businesses for all their support and assistance during this time.  Although there seems to be a lot of uncertainty, we should all be proud to live in a community like this, one that comes together more than ever in a time of need.

  • Mask donations and N95 fit testing supplies
  • Goggle donations
  • Food donations
  • Prayer mob – Sunday, April 5 at 8:00pm in the NRH parking lot

ESU’s Information Technology program has begun creation of filtered face masks with the use of their 3D printer.  We have been in contact with them about supplementing these to help with the shortage.

We have received a few requests about how people can help during this time.  If interested, please reach out to our Business Development department.

Mask donations continue to be received and remain in critical need – both cloth masks for patients and mask covers made of surgical drape for healthcare workers.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information at (620) 343-6800 x22525 or

Future of virtual visits for clinic appointments – hopeful to have this live the week of 4/6

Social distancing within NRH – volume is down 30%+; requested that patients come alone to their appointments/visits

Importance of ‘Call Before You Go’

Stay at Home order – importance of doing what we need to now so that we can enjoy each other more later

A reminder that friends and family are able to send their loved ones online greeting cards during this time of no visitation – visit for more information; flower deliveries are still being accepted

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