Inpatient Rehabilitation

November 6, 2017

Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation helps you recover and reach your greatest potential following a disabling injury or illness

Life sometimes brings unexpected challenges. The inpatient rehabilitation unit at Newman Regional Health (located on the 2nd floor, south) is dedicated to helping patients who have been affected by conditions such as stroke, neurological disorders, orthopedic procedures, hip fractures, amputations, and major trauma.

We provide intensive therapy programs that assist patients in developing new skills, relearning previous skills, and fostering a healthy return to enjoyable life activities. Patients find our program is different from a routine hospital stay. We believe that caring for patients means helping them learn to do as much for themselves as possible.

Inpatient rehabilitation patients participate in:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Community re-entry
  • Patient and family education
  • Other goal-directed activities

Our rehabilitation specialists strive to help the patient improve in mobility, strength, and independence while providing hope and encouragement to the patient and family.

Inpatient rehabilitation goals may include:

  • Maximize independence in activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc.
  • Achieve safe mobility with or without adaptive equipment
  • Improve balance and coordination and prevent falls
  • Maximize communication skills
  • Improve swallowing ability
  • Enhance knowledge of available resources at discharge

Close to home, to get you home

  • Occupational Therapy – Providing care to help patients achieve the highest level of independence possible
  • Physical Therapy – Improving the patient’s functional ability to a level that will allow for the most productive lifestyle
  • Speech & Language Therapy – Providing treatment, support, and care for adults who may experience difficulty while communicating
  • Social Work – Educating patients about their recovery process, coordinating discharge, planning aftercare, and providing support to the patient and their family
  • Nutrition – Providing nutrition interventions including diet adjustments and education based upon each patient’s assessed needs to support optimal strength and recovery

Inpatient rehabilitation success stories

From one of our nurses, “My favorite thing about working at Newman Regional Health is getting to see our patients who can hardly walk, come into our Inpatient Rehabilitation program, and be able to go home walking. They later come back to visit and they can run and skip and jump. I am happiest when I get to see patients in the community living their life.” – K. W.

From one of our patients, “What they have done for me, they have done a wonderful job. Where I was, they were really good but you just don’t get the same feeling as you do at Newman Regional Health Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation. My visitors have seen my care firsthand and they have also been impressed. It’s been a good experience. I would transfer here again in a heartbeat.” – L. K.

inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation

Visiting Hours:
It is very important to have visitation from loved ones, however, each patient’s needs are different. We believe an individual approach is important to the progress of our patients and we respectfully ask that you consult with nursing staff to determine the visiting hours that are best for your loved one. In our continuing effort to protect our visitors and patients from infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and flu, there may be specific limitations to visiting hours.

Some of the graduates of the inpatient medical rehabilitation program at Newman Regional Health

inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation
John Gilligan
inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation
inpatient rehabilitation

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