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May 29, 2020 broadcast and summary

May 29, 2020

Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (KHC) recognition

  • KHC is a part of a national effort to implement patient safety strategies throughout the country
  • The most recent initiative has been relative to sepsis protocols
  • Newman Regional Health was one of 14 Kansas hospitals out of 117 that received this distinguished recognition
  • Our community can have confidence that we are leading edge on improving patient safety in this country

NRH COVID Volumes:

  • # of COVID inpatients – 3
  • Drive Thru # – 10 tests completed on Tuesday, 12 on Wednesday, and 4 on Thursday of this week.  On average, we’re seeing 2 less per day compared to last week’s numbers.

It’s a good sign to see testing numbers decreasing and clinic visits increasing.

1,000th COVID-19 test administered by Newman Regional Health on Tuesday, May 26

We do have rapid testing capabilities in-house now, in the form of a respiratory panel.  These are being used for inpatients and patients in the ER to know immediately whether they are COVID positive or not.  This enables us to place them in the right unit without taking up unnecessary bed space.  These will also be used for courtesy screening tests for inpatients that are being discharged back to their place of residence in a nursing home, assisted living, or other long term care facility.

  • Currently on hand – 5
  • Allotment of 10 per month

The rapid test may also be used for a pre-surgical patient who has not received their COVID test results back in the expected timeframe.  This allows for a surgery to proceed at the original scheduled day/time without having to postpone or reschedule.

BioFire tests have been used at Newman Regional Health for approximately the past 3 years for patients with pulmonary and respiratory issues to diagnose the health concern is and how to address it with the patient.  Now, our in-house BioFire units have the capability to test for COVID-19.  This test results in a turnaround time of no more than 60 minutes.

Changes in COVID-19 testing

  • Beginning June 1, pre-surgical screening test will be completed through outpatient lab
  • June 15 – drive through collection site will be closed; testing will be scheduled with outpatient lab and patients will be advised to call ahead so that a lab staff member can meet them at the entrance and escort them to the lab draw station

Future plan for COVID inpatients

  • Closure of COVID unit (until a reopen is necessary)
  • COVID patients are currently in isolation patient rooms

Hospital volumes

  • Anticipating that hospital volumes will not return to pre-COVID numbers until August and even then, they are expected to be about 10% less than previous year numbers
  • This is due to high insurance rates and those without insurance

Re-establishment of services/re-opening

  • Encourage the community to visit our website to view safety protocols, visitation guidelines, and messages from our providers

Now that we have experienced COVID and have somewhat of an idea as to the community impact, we should be more self-aware and have the ability to prevent some of what has occurred lessening the chance for this to make a significant appearance in the fall.

Currently working to stockpile inventory to have enough supplies for 60 days on hand.  This includes masks, gloves, gowns, PAPRs.

We are working to submit an order for close to $50,000 worth of PAPR equipment to replace heavily used pieces over the past 8-10 weeks.

Auxiliary will be reopening after the completion of Phase III.

Thank you for the community support.  It’s been inspiring to see how Emporia has come together during this time. 

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