Diabetic Footwear

Diabetic footwear is an area that requires expertise to provide you with a properly fitting, fashionable, and comfortable shoe.

The staff at Newman Regional Health has extensive knowledge in the diabetic foot and the implications that diabetes is known to cause in the lower extremities. We inspect each patient’s foot to look for problems and aid in the treatment and prevention of ulcerations and other foot issues.

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Services that assure a perfect fit for you diabetic footwear


An expert shoe fitter assists you throughout the entire process to make certain your shoes are right for you. They know no two feet are the same and neither are our shoes. They inspect each patient’s foot to look for problems and aid in the treatment and prevention of ulcerations and other foot issues.

They understand the need for the very best fit that provides the greatest comfort and the best protection.

The selection of diabetic shoes at Newman Medical Equipment is hand-picked for its ability to treat the diabetic foot with close attention to fashion.

They know looking good while you take care of your health is important.

When your shoes are delivered to the store, they fit the heat-moldable insoles to your foot and your shoe allowing you to walk away in style and comfort.

Do you qualify for diabetic footwear through Medicare?

If your doctor has diagnosed you with any of the issues listed below, Newman Medical Equipment may be able to help.

  • History of partial or complete amputation of the foot
  • History of foot ulceration
  • History of pre-ulcerative callus
  • Peripheral neuropathy with evidence callus formation
  • Foot deformity
  • Poor circulation

Generally, Medicare will approve of one pair of shoes and 3 pair of custom diabetic insoles each calendar year.

Kansas Medicaid in Kansas for diabetic shoes

Next Steps:

The process begins with a visit to your physician to determine if Medicare will pay for your shoes and insoles. If you would like assistance with the qualification and ordering process, please call (620) 343-1800 to speak with a Newman Medical Equipment staff member.

At your doctor’s appointment, discuss your history and qualification for diabetic shoes.

Ask your physician to fax an order form or fill out an order form for you to take to Newman Medical Equipment.
Certification Form
Certification Form – Spanish

After your physician visit, schedule an appointment for your personal fitting by calling (620) 343-1800 or stop by the store Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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