Mobile C-ARM X-Ray machine gives surgeons super-human like vision inside the body

Just more than 25 years before the founding of Newman Regional Health, on March 6, 1922, x-rays began their important diagnostic role in healthcare in America. The first uses of x-rays included diagnosing skeletal issues, searching for bullets and broken bones on battlefields, pneumonia, and even diagnosing tuberculosis. Today, X-rays, CT scans, PET/CT scans, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound are just a few of the imaging tools used in modern diagnostic healthcare.

Proceeds from this year’s Denim & Diamonds are designated to purchasing a new, state-of-the-art imaging tool called a Mobile C-Arm X-Ray Machine. This advanced medical imaging device combines the use of X-ray and fluoroscopy to provide real-time, high-resolution images that aid healthcare professionals in diagnostic procedures. Surgeons also use a C-Arm to monitor the progress of a procedure and make decisions based on high-quality imaging and information.

The C-Arm machine gets its name from the C-shaped arm used to connect the x-ray source and the detector. These C-Arm machines are widely used during orthopedic, complicated surgical procedures, pain management (Anesthetics), emergency procedures, angiography, PICC lines, stent placement, and other cardiovascular procedures.

A C-Arm is an overhead x-ray image intensifier that converts low-intensity x-rays into clear visible light providing a brighter, high-resolution image, helping the physicians to view the x-rayed object more clearly.

Because of their design, C-Arm systems are known for their mobility as they can be transported from one place to another and the physician can move it more freely and produce images wherever required.

C-Arms are first-in-class for advanced imaging in cases like:

  • Diagnostic test for digestive, cardiac, ortho, reproductive, and blood circulation systems.
  • Assist in place needles or stents during complicated surgery.
  • During surgeries, the real-time view of the gallbladder, liver, bone and several structures. Multiple views enable the system to reconstruct a 3D model of the inner parts later.
  • Surgical navigation and aids in verifying the placement of all types of implant devices in the patient.
  • C-Arm systems can also guide placement procedures of injecting anesthetic medicines. 
  • C-Arms can identify the joints and medication can be inserted perfectly onto the required shoulders and knees without damaging the other structures.

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