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    For your convenience, you may pay your bill online here: Online Bill Pay


    Patient Accounts is located on the second floor of the Cora Miller Hall in the ESU Newman Division of Nursing building on the corner of 12th Avenue and Chestnut Street (across the parking lot, east of Newman Regional Health). 

    We recommend you park on the north side of the building, but you may also park south of the building as well. Please enter using the northwest entrance (on the west side of the building) and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.

    Insurance Requirements

    Most insurance plans include requirements, which must be followed unless you are seeking treatment for a life-threatening condition.

    At Newman Regional Health, you are responsible for meeting these special requirements, such as precertification approval before incurring diagnostic imaging services such as CTs or MRIs, going to the emergency room, or providing notice of being hospitalized.

    You are responsible for calling your physician for approval if you have insurance that requires you to contact your primary care physician prior to going to the emergency room.

    Insurance Filing

    Newman Regional Health will file your insurance claims for you.

    Because of special requirements by insurance companies and frequent changes in the requirements, we must have a copy of your insurance card.

    When Newman Regional Health files your insurance claims, we ask your insurance company to send payment directly to us. We allow your insurance company time to process and pay your bill. However, if a timely payment has not been received, you will be billed for the unpaid balance.

    Contact our Patient Accounts and Billing Specialists at (620) 343-6800, ext. 1153 if you have any questions.

    Paying for Your Care

    Pay your bill online or mail your payment to the appropriate address listed below. 

    For Newman Medical Partners (includes Express Care, Cardiology, ENT, Family Medicine, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgical Associates, Urology), mail your payment to:

    Newman Medical Partners
    Patient Accounts
    1201 W. 12th Avenue
    Emporia, KS 66801
    Call: (620) 343-6800 ext. 1885

    For Newman Medical Equipment & Supply, mail your payment to:

    Newman Regional Health
    Patient Accounts
    1201 W. 12th Avenue
    Emporia, KS 66801
    Call: (620) 343-6800, ext. 5107

    For all other services, mail your payment to:

    Newman Regional Health
    Patient Accounts
    1201 W. 12th Avenue
    Emporia, KS 66801
    Call: (620) 343-6800 ext. 1153

    Payment Arrangements

    A summary statement will be mailed to you by Newman Regional Health. Itemized statements are available upon request by calling (620) 343-6800, ext. 1153.

    We ask that you make a payment in full within 30 days of receiving this statement. Payments may be made by cash, personal check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

    There is an ATM cash machine conveniently located by the laboratory department at Newman Regional Health.

    During normal business hours, please pay your bill at Registration in the main lobby located off of 12th Avenue or in the Patient Accounts office located on 2nd floor in the building east of Newman Regional Health.

    Outside of normal business hours, you can pay your bill at the switchboard operator located in the Emergency Department's waiting room.

    If you cannot pay your balance in full, please call (620) 343-6800, ext. 1153 to set up payment arrangements immediately.

    Uncompensated or Charity Care Program

    Newman Regional Health provides medically necessary and emergent medical care to those who meet established income guidelines. This program is for patients who do not have insurance or who still owe a balance after insurance has paid but do not qualify for public benefits. 

    Applicants may be required to apply for public benefits prior to approval for the uncompensated care program. Balances from Newman Express Care, non-emergent visits to the emergency room, routine physician office visits, and elective procedures are excluded from the uncompensated care program.   

    In order to meet criteria for a discount, the patient and guarantor must be a resident of Newman Regional Health's service area.   

    Download the Uncompensated Care Application form in English or Spanish:

    Workers’ Compensation Injuries

    Reports of injuries occurring on the job or as the result of occupational circumstances are to be filed with the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier.

    If you incur a work-related injury, you are required to provide Newman Regional Health with the name, address, and contact person of your employer and to also report the accident to your employer. Failure to do so will result in a loss of personal benefits.

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    If you sustain an injury associated with a motor vehicle, you must provide Newman Regional Health with the name of the motor vehicle insurance carrier.

    Kansas law requires that reports of all injuries that occur as a result of ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle be filed with a motor vehicle insurance company. Any claim for an injury arising from contact with a motor vehicle, even if the vehicle is not moving, must first be filed with the motor vehicle insurance company.

    Property Insurance

    If you have tests performed or receive medical services as a result of an accident occurring on property owned by someone else, Newman Regional Health must obtain information about the accident.

    Medicare and Kansas Medicaid require us to attempt collecting payment from the property owner. Your refusal to provide this information may result in lost Medicare or Medicaid benefits if they deny payment of the claim.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I keep getting monthly statements from NRH with different account numbers on them. What do all those numbers mean?

    Each time you visit NRH, you are assigned a new patient account number. This keeps each visit separate for the purpose of filing insurance claims. An exception to this rule is if you are making repeated, scheduled visits for services such as physical therapy, infusion therapy, cardiac rehab, Wound Care Clinic, etc. These patient accounts are assigned a new account number each month.

    I have a question about my husband/wife/son/daughter’s account. Can I legally receive information about their hospital visit?

    No. Federal regulations prohibit our office from releasing information on patients over 18 years of age to anyone other than the patient. We must have written consent from the patient in order to release information to a parent, guardian, or spouse.

    The exception to this rule is when a parent, guardian, or spouse is the insurance policyholder. The healthcare provider can release financial information only. We may only legally release patient information to parents or guardians of children less than 18 years of age.

    Why can’t you talk to me about my 22-year-old son’s account and tell me why he was there?

    According to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 rules and regulations, we may not discuss any aspect of patient treatment with anyone other than the patient if they are over 18, unless we have the patient’s written consent.

    I am scheduled to have surgery at Newman Regional Health next month. How much will my bill be?

    There is no way to precisely determine the amount of a surgery bill due to the fact that each patient’s situation and needs will vary. The cost of supplies, medications, and recovery time in particular will cause the bill amounts to vary. We can provide an estimate of services. To request a price estimate, please call (620) 343-6800, ext. 1153.

    I was in the emergency room this morning. How much is my bill?

    It takes anywhere from one day to one week for your charges to be finalized. We are unable to determine the correct amount of your bill until the medical coding and review of you emergency room visit has been completed by the attending physician and medical records department.

    Why did I get a bill from Topeka Radiology and Peterson Laboratory after my visit to Newman Regional Health?

    Professional services were provided by Topeka Radiology and Peterson Labs.

    • The radiologists from Topeka Radiology must read and issue an interpretation of any diagnostic images you have taken at Newman.
    • The pathologist with Peterson Labs must also issue an interpretation of any specimens taken during your visit to Newman.

    Other professional bills could come from any consulting and attending physicians you may have seen during your stay. Newman Medical Partners (Newman's physician practices) bill separately from Newman (hospital) billing.

    What is the difference between Patient Accounts and Health Information Management?

    Patient Accounts and Health Information Management are two separate departments.

    • Health Information Management provides Patient Accounts with information from your “medical chart” in a coded format for billing purposes.
    • Patient Accounts files claims with your insurance company based upon this coded information provided to us.

    For more detailed information regarding your visit or medical conditions, contact Health Information Management at (620) 343-6800, ext. 2625.

    I can’t afford to pay my balance due right now. Can I make monthly payments?

    Yes. Please contact the Patient Accounts Department to make payment arrangements. We have several options for payment and we would be happy to discuss them with you. However, you must contact us to make arrangements.

    Patients can make monthly payment arrangements on any balance due by calling our office and agreeing to a contract. Minimum monthly payment amounts are determined by the size of the balance due and financial situation.

    Do I need to provide Newman Regional Health with my insurance information every time I visit?

    Yes. Even if your information has not changed, it is helpful to have our admitting staff verify your insurance to prevent billing errors during collection efforts.

    Does my insurance cover me if I want to have a certain procedure done?

    Since there are so many policies out there with so many different types of plans, we suggest you call your insurance company and to check your policy for exclusions and limitations.

    I have Medicare insurance and was recently in an outpatient department of your hospital. Both Medicare and my supplemental policy have paid. I received a statement in the mail stating I still owed money. When I called to ask, they started talking about self-administered drugs. What are they talking about?

    Medicare only pays for covered benefits. Self-administered drugs are classified as a non-covered benefit by the Medicare program and so both Medicare and your secondary insurance did not pay for the drugs.

    If you have Medicare Part D Insurance, these can be filed to your Part D carrier. Newman Regional Health is not a contracted outpatient pharmacy and cannot file to Part D. You need to pay your bill and file to Part D as an individual. We can help you with the details needed to file with Part D. Please call (620) 343-6800, ext. 1153, and we will be happy to assist you.

    Why do I keep getting your voice mail saying you are on the phone?

    Often we are on the phone speaking to other patients or insurance companies and will try to assist you as soon as possible.

    Why didn’t you call me back?

    Every attempt is made to return a phone call as soon as possible. Sometimes, patients do not leave their name, account number, or phone number. We need this information to return calls and appreciate your assistance.

    Online Bill Pay and Payment Questions

    Is this site secure?

    Yes, the online payment system is secure so you can safely use your credit card, checking, or savings account.

    What credit cards can I use online?

    You can pay your bill online with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cards.

    Pay your bill online now!

    Where do I find my account number on my statement?

    Newman Regional Health: Your account number is near the top of your statement. The account number starts with the letter F and is followed by several zeros.

    Newman Medical Equipment & Supply: Your account number is located in the upper right hand corner. Please also include the customer’s name and account number.

    Newman Medical Partners: Your account number is located in the upper right hand corner.  Please also include the customer's name and account number.

    Where is my amount due located?

    In the lower right hand corner of your statement.

    Myths and Facts

    Myth: By providing health care providers your insurance information, your bill is "automatically taken care of."

    Fact: Billing your insurance is a service provided by most health care providers. Although a provider bills your insurance, it does not relieve you of the responsibility of paying for your bill. Many insurance plans have a co-pay or a deductible that the patient will be responsible to pay. Please contact the billing office periodically to check on the status of insurance claims or your balance to ensure your account does not become delinquent.

    Myth: If you have Kansas Medicaid benefits, you should never receive a bill from Newman Regional Health (NRH) for your services.

    Fact: While there is generally a co-pay and spend-down requirement for Medicaid beneficiaries, there are also certain services not covered by the Kansas Medicaid program. You will be responsible for payment of these types of services. Please contact your Medicaid caseworker to discuss what services may not be covered.

    Myth: I received a statement from Newman Regional Health in the mail. My insurance is going to pay, so I can throw it away unopened.

    Fact: Statements and other written communications are tools to communicate with the patient, particularly when phone calls are unsuccessful. Please open all mail, as it may contain important requests for information. Your account may become delinquent if you ignore these requests.

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