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Newman Regional Health Quality and Safety Initiatives


At Newman Regional Health, we are committed to providing high quality healthcare in a patient-centered environment. NRH has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at providing good clinical outcomes and a positive patient experience.

Primary Nurse

On admission, each patient is assigned a primary nurse. The role of the primary nurse is to coordinate the patient's stay. This encourages greater involvement of patients and families in planning their care. Depending on services needed, patients may also be assigned a primary therapist.

Hourly Rounding

Hourly rounding is an important tool. Your nurse or another member of your healthcare team will check on you hourly. You may not be aware of rounding since we don't wake you when you are asleep. When you are awake, your nurse will check on your pain level. We always want to help you achieve an acceptable pain goal. Your nurse will also check to assure you are in a comfortable position, assist you to the bathroom, and help you locate personal items.


At Newman Regional Health, we are committed to providing patient-centered care in a safe environment. That means the right patient will receive the right care at the right time.


Falls are a major concern to us. We want to protect you. In a recent study, 50% of all patient falls were due to the patient believing they were ready to move on their own before they were physically able.

For your safety, there are several call lights located within your room. We encourage our patients and families to call us to escort you safely when getting up to go to the bathroom. In addition, alarm devices may be placed in beds and on chairs to alert the healthcare team that you may need assistance when moving around your room.

Hand Washing

Hand Washing is the single most effective way to limit the spread of germs. We encourage all visitors to clean their hands when entering or leaving a patient's room. For your convenience, hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all patient rooms and hung on the walls throughout the facility.

Nursing Excellence Award Winners

Nursing Excellence Award Winners

Newman Regional Health has recognized Jamie Granado, BSN, RNC-OB; Bobby Johnson, BSN, RN; and Andrea Elwood, BSN, RN, CHPN for excellence in nursing (pictured left to right).

To recognize and reward excellence in nursing practice and service, Newman Regional Health initiated the Nursing Excellence Program (NEP). Nursing applications for the NEP are reviewed by a subcommittee of the Professional Development/Education and Research Council. The committee evaluates achievement based on evidence of professional/leadership development, quality process improvement, and organizational and community involvement.

Newman Regional Health congratulates the recipients of the Nursing Excellence Award and appreciates their contributions toward patient care and our community.

Jamie Granado

Jamie has been employed at Newman Regional Health for over 10 years, serving as an obstetrical nurse. Jamie received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Emporia State University and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Kansas. 

Jamie is nationally certified as an inpatient obstetric nurse. In addition to her national certification, Jamie is certified in neonatal resuscitation, STABLE, and intermediate fetal monitoring.  She is a member of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN).  

Jamie is an expert obstetrical nurse and values her role as a patient advocate. She is often described by others as “going above and beyond her duties to ensure excellent patient care.” Heather Arndt, Director of the Women’s Life Center shares, “Jamie is a great role model.” 

Continually, Jamie serves in the role of preceptor/mentor for new employees and nursing students. While teaching others, excellence in nursing has become second nature to Jamie. Recently, she developed departmental education using best practices in nursing and education. After a review of the literature, she used evidence-based strategies in providing staff development related to emergency drills for obstetrical nursing. 

Jamie also demonstrates leadership and service to Newman Regional Health through her work on departmental and organizational committees and councils. 

Outside of Newman Regional Health, Jamie’s leadership and service continues. She volunteers her time as a board member for the Newman Nursing Alumni Association. She also spends time serving others through mission trips, community health fairs, and developing young girls into leaders through her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. Jamie is a selfless spirit who focuses her energy on making the lives of others better through her work. 

Bobby Johnson

Bobby has managed labor patients, stabilized newborns, and cared for new mothers postpartum at Newman Regional Health for over 8 years. Bobby received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Emporia State University and currently holds certifications in neonatal resuscitation, STABLE, and advanced fetal monitoring. She is a member of AWHONN. 

Bobby adheres to a high standard of excellence in her work and is well respected by her nurse colleagues. Shannon Standard, registered nurse at the Women’s Life Center, states, “She plays a vital role within our unit as a staff and charge nurse.” 

Bobby’s desire for excellence leads to her continuous involvement in quality assessment and performance improvement. She has played an active role in improving medication safety with the implementation of bedside medication verification, patient transitions to home using follow-up phone calls, and newborn and mother bonding with the implementation of quiet time. 

In addition to being an expert clinician, Bobby is a gentle mentor. She often serves as a preceptor/mentor for new employees and senior nursing students completing their capstone experience. 

Beyond her nursing responsibilities, Bobby serves on departmental and organizational committees and councils in accomplishing work of Newman Regional Health. In addition to her committee work, she volunteers her time participating in health fairs and fundraisers for the treatment of cancer within the community. Bobby is a tremendous asset to her department and the organization, as she exemplifies all that a nurse should be.

Andrea Elwood

Andrea has been employed at Newman Regional Health for over 6 years, serving as a registered nurse in mostly home health and hospice care. Andrea has worked as a case manager for Hand In Hand Hospice, caring for chronically ill individuals to ensure quality of life and comfort through the last stage of life. 

Andrea graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Emporia State University. She recently obtained her national certification in hospice and palliative care nursing and is a member of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA). Andrea regularly attends conferences to improve her skills and keep current in hospice and palliative care. 

Cathy Pimple, Director of Hand In Hand Hospice commented, “She is truly an expert and I often lean on her to mentor others.” A colleague commented, “Andrea was my mentor as I started working in hospice and I credit her with a great deal of my learning and development.” 

Andrea shares her knowledge outside of her department of hospice. At Newman Regional Health, she has served on the pain committee and participated in a research study examining barriers of controlling pain among inpatients. The results of the study were used to establish policy changes and improve processes in regards to pain management. 

In addition, Andrea assisted a colleague in developing a comfort/palliative care order set used to assist in the management of symptoms for patients in the hospital near the end of life. 

Within hospice, Andrea is active on the Unit Based Council evaluating outcomes and developing performance improvement activities. In addition to long hours caring for individuals and their families, Andrea participates in events supporting or providing education surrounding hospice and palliative care within the community. 

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